What are the advantages of trading with Celox ?

It has always been our top priority to provide you with the best service as per international standards. Our goal is making you as an expert trader with trading experience. The Trading tools, Trading Platform and customer support is there to make that happen.

What is Forex Trading?

Is there specific location of Forex market and who are the founders?

What profit can I get at Forex?

How much time I will have to spend on education?

How can I open a live account with Celox?

What is the minimum deposit?

How long does it take for my deposit to arrive?

Which documents are required to open a real account?

What types of accounts do you offer?

I've opened an account. What need to do next?

What type of account should I choose?

What is the difference between Live and Demo Accounts?

How do I deposit money into my Celox account?

Is trading possible on weekends?

At what time is it possible to perform transactions at the Forex exchange market?

What trading platforms do you offer?

Does Celox enforce restrictions on any trading strategies?

My question was not answered here?

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