Speculate on market-wide changes to popular indices such as the: S&P 500, FTSE 100 and Dow

Indices measure a specific sector's performance or a group of shares of some of the largest and globally acknowledged companies. At Celox, we give you the option to trade indices rather than individual equities, enabling you to speculate on market benchmarks' performance. In much the same way as forex trading is used, indices are often chosen by traders as a tool to diversify their portfolios and hedge against risk.

Advantages of Trading Indices

Trading indices CFDs enables you to speculate on the price movements world’s top financial markets without analysing the performance of individual company shares.

The value of indices closely reflects wider market trends, making them handy for new traders. Our live charts allow you to analyse their performance, both in real-time and as past data.

Stock indices tend to move more points than Forex giving a trader more opportunities for a larger profit.

It is one of the more predictable Financial Assets to trade making allowing you to trade with more confidence

The surest way of minimizing risk is by diversifying your portfolio, and that is what index trading options provide you.

Reasons to Trade Indices with Celox

  • CFD trading on spot indices is a convenient and flexible way for investors to diversify their portfolios —
  • diversify your portfolios geographically, creating the potential to profit from market movements around the world.
  • There are many prominent indices, as well as less familiar ones from emerging markets available at Celox. Some of the biggest indices include the FTSE 100, S&P 500, NASDAQ-100 and DAX.
  • Buy or Sell indices CFDs with flexible leverage, affordable spreads and exceptional execution speeds.

Who Can Trade Indices?

Online Indices trading is already a highly popular form of investment with millions of traders worldwide. Almost anybody can trade Indices if they are willing to apply the basic principles of risk management. At Celox, you will be provided with everything you as a trader need to begin online Indices trading.

Indices traders range from novice investors who trade part-time, to expert investors who manage complex personal portfolios on a full-time basis. The Celox platform gives you the freedom to set your own financial goals and manage your own investments.

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