Web Trader

Celox Web Trader

The trading platform that offers an easier, faster and clearer way to trade via your web browser.

Celox Web-Trader Platform, was developed in by one of the top tier software houses for Trading solutions, to better cater for the needs of our growing client base.

Focusing on simplicity, reliability and speed, the new Celox Webtrader delivers an unparalleled trading experience accessible from all browsers and operating systems.

The Celox Web Trader does not require downloading and it is fully synchronized to the downloadable versions of the trading platform, allowing for live price monitoring via the best liquidity providers. Translated in multiple languages, the Celox Webtrader is designed to accommodate the needs of all traders around the globe.

feature-packed online platform

Designed to give you maximum control, the Celox Webtrader enables you to access your account quickly and efficiently on any device.

The Celox Web Trader is an ultra-user-friendly platform that delivers a large range of tools including unique indicators, pending orders feature, and an intuitive order window that automatically calculates position size, leverage and required margin.

  • Intuitive Order Window
  • Available in Multiple Languages
  • Clean & User-Friendly Interface
  • Transparent & Secure Trading on any Device
  • Fully synced with the Celox App & Desktop version
  • Cutting-edge Chartings Tools & Functionality
  • No download - Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Ultra-fast Order Execution, no Requotes

The Webtrader is designed to be intuitive, the idea being that anyone should be able to start up the platform and quickly get to grips with it. It’s loaded with a variety of preset technical indicators and drawing tools ready to use, right out of the box.

You trade with the best technology that the retail Trading industry has to offer and that is tested, approved and used by thousands professional traders

With no software download or installation required, traders can benefit from a fast and robust yet easy to understand trading platform that rivals any download version.

Trade where ever you want, all you need is the internet connection and you are good to go. START TODAY

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